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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 19, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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hookers, lies, meaningless resolutions, communists in the white house, 2,000-page bills that you haven't read, treasury secretaries that don't pay their taxes, fiscal policies that don't make any sense whatsoever! [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bret: next on special report," the senate version of healthcare reform, we will look at some of the fine print, on the job hunt, the search for truth at a fiery house hearing about how many jobs have really been saved or created by the stimulus. we'll look at whether political correctness played a role in keeping the accused fort hood shooter on the job, and playing politics with women's health, we'll look at the confusion and consternation over breast cancer screening guidelines. all that, plus the fox all-stars, right here, right now. >> welcome to washington. i'm bret baier.
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more coverage, more taxes an less medicare, three bullet points describing a massive senate healthcare reform bill which is speeding towards its first crucial vote in just two days. chief political correspondent carl cameron takes a look at the proposal and the reaction on capitol hill. eager to get harry reid's $848 billion ten-year healthcare reform plan moving, senate democrats need 60 votes saturday on a motion to proceed to the senate floor for amendments in debate after thanksgiving. >> this reform plan deals with healthcare. it saves lives, it saves money, and it saves medicare. >> and this proposal, we will improve the quality of life of every single american for literally decades an decades to come. >> there you have it. >> the 2,074-page bill seeks to expand health coverage to 31 million more americans or 91% of the american population. the congressional budget office says federal outlays an federal commitment to healthcare would increase over
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the 2010 to '19 period by a net amount of $160 billion. >> they have tried to figure out a way to wrench it into a budget window that somehow makes it looks like it costs less, but at the end of the day, it costs more. >> to pay for the massive overhaul, the joint committee on taxation which crunches numbers with the c.b.o. says democrats would raise taxes $376 billion, including $28 billion in new taxes on employers that do not provide government-approved insurance plans. the bill includes a government-run public insurance option designed to drive down premium costs with lower prices but no, page 9, quote, c.b.o.'s assessment is a public plan paying negotiated rates would attract a broad network of providers but would typically have premiums that were somewhat higher than the average premiums for the private plans and the exchanges. for months, republicans have warned that government-run insurance would not save money, but cost more. >> it's the same turkey you didn't like in august and it's
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not going to taste any better on thanksgiving. >> the reid plan would slash medicare spending $465 billion. democrats say cuts will pay for reforms that streamline and improve service, but c.b.o. raises doubts on page 17, quote, whether such a reduction in the growth rate could be achieved through greater efficiencies in the delivery of healthcare or would reduce access to care or diminish the quality of care is unclear. democrats get their $848 billion cost by calculating between now and 2014 but spending doesn't begin until 2014 and if you add up the decades following that, the cost nearly trip rls to well over $2 trillion. bret. bret: carl, thanks. we will break down now a couple of specific issues inside this bill for further study. wendell goler looks at two hot button topics, taxes and abortion. >> the gore shon language in the new senate health reform plan is being called a
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waterloo for pro-life members who don't believe it avoids federal funding of abortion. >> citizens get charged a premium that includes abortion coverage that taxpayers pay a pers he percent of the premium, who can determine what dollar went here or what dollar went there? >> democrat ben nelson is threatening to filibuster the bill, which offers abortions paid for with private money in the public option and subsidized plans t took bans on both in the house bool to get pro-life democrats to sign on but president obama told major garrett that language doesn't strike the proper balance between a woman's right to choose and the federal funding fire wall. >> not yet. >> still, abortion is just one of the senate bill's many targets. union workers who traded pay raises for generous healthcare benefits for themselves and families could face a tax on the portion of family plans that exceed $23,000 in val iewvment the senate bill includes a tax on elective
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surgery, the so-called botox tax, the target of doctors who make that their specialty. medicare tax would rise for people making more than $250,000 a year from one and a half to 2% in the senate bill. the group americans for tax reform complains the bill uses the word tax 183 times. that's not surprising. the bill is more than 2,000 pages long and already being used as a prop by critics just as the house bill was. long, some democrats say, doesn't necessarily mean lousy. >> when it comes to the size of legislation, it was the bank bailout bill that the last president proposed. it was only three pages long. there is a work of wisdom. >> then there are some issues that are trar gets that are in the house or senate bill, a profoesal to tax sugary drinks didn't make it in either bill but the food industry is still running ads against it. >> well, they say it is only pennies. well, those pennies add up when you're trying to feed a family. >> with such big targets to aim at, selling healthcare
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reform may come down to convince congress that the changes democrats are proposing are less than the status quo, and the public is evenly divided on that though opponents of healthcare reform may feel more strongly about it than supporters do. bret. bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. the house has approved a bill that prevents a scheduled care in medicare payments to doctors. only one republican voted for the democratic sponsored legislation. the cut would have slashed reimbursements to physicians by about 1/4. the so-called doc fix was dropped from healthcare reform legislation to avoid having that bill add to future deficits. a mortgage industry report says more than 14% of homeowners with a mortgage are reether behind on payments or in foreclosure. this, as stocks were down for a second day in a roavment the dow lost almost 94. the s&p 500 dropped about 15. the nasdaq fell 36 1/3.
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tonight on the fox news job hunt, the number of new applicants for unemployment benefits was unchanged last week he holding steady at 505,000, about 80,000 more than the level economists would say that would indicate the economy was adding jobs. today the obama administration's estimate of how many jobs the stimulus program had saved or created came under fresh attack on capitol hill with the officials officials who oversees the $787 billion program sowing to correct inak at and misleading data published so far. correspondent james rosen reports. >> the top federal official overseeing the stimulus program told the house oversight and government reform committee that he simply cannot verify claims by the obama white house that stimulus spending has created or saved 640,000 jobs. >> i think missing reports might drive the job numbers up and there is enough
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inaccuracies in here to question the 640 number. we might go down. >> we have created or saved 640,239 jobs. >> such statements along with demonstrably false claims of jobs created and saved on, the administration website tracking the stimulation lus progress questions the logic of the program and mr. obama's stewardship of the economy. >> the president has the gall to say job growth is his number one responsibility. where has he been the last 11 months? anyone else on the panel recall anytime prior to this year we have had this, quote measurement, create or saveed? i will take that as a no. democrats rose to the defense making the case that the 173 billion of the $787 billion stimulus program that has already been spent is working and that the data stream, while flawed, isn't accurately recording all the jobs created and saved. >> the stimulus has been a lifeline for our states. >> have you ever seen any kind of transparency data
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collection effort of this magnitude in the united states? >> not on a national scale like this. it was in a relatively limited time frame, given the size of its charge. >> wow agree that there is also an indirect mum ti plier, isn't that correct? as we say in the report, indirect and indiewtioned, of course. and that would add to indirect jobs which is on top of direct, isn't that the case? >> correct. >> the witnesses did not contest an estimate by the office of management and budget that 10 percent of recipients failed to or the at all on what they did with their stimulus money and acknowledge that recipients in that category are subject to no penalties of any kind. >> i would be interested in penalties of people who didn't report, and i would be equally interested in looking at these issues when people knowingly false report. i think that could be a criminal penalty. and devainy says he thinks he can redesign the reporting system so when recipients of
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stimulus money enter a fik ticksallal district they will get an instant message blocking them from proceeding further until they correct the error, just like when you might edit a wrong credit card number when you buy exotic golf clubs or exotic beers. >> there aren't many of those. thanks. the postal service pulls the plug on some of santa's elves and jesse jackson pulls the race card on an african-american congressman. that's later in the grapevine, and in three minutes, did the fort hood suspect's religion keep him on the job?
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bret: senators today heard testimony regarding the suspect in this month he's deadly shootings at ford fort hood. it seems like political correctness was really on trial. good evening, steve. >> good evening, bret. in the aftermath of that fort
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hood shooting, a troubling question continues to be asked -- were warning signs about major hasan ignored or downplayed because he was a muslim? now, that seems to be a recurring theme at today's hearing on capitol hill of joe lieberman's house home land security committee hearing. >> we do no favor to all of our fellow americans who are muslim by ignoring real evidence that a small number of their community have, in fact, become violent islamists an extremists. the senate homeland security committee meeting. the former homeland advisor to president bush, fran townsend was on the panel testifying today and pointed to hasan's supervisors at walter reed medical center in washington, d.c. knew of his poor performance and odd behavior. >> there might have been some sort of self-centering, if you will, a e luck tans for them
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to pursue a senior uniform military member, a doctor, who was muslim. >> now, fran townsend was one of several experts who testified today. there were no actual government officials, and nobody from the administration, nobody who is active in law enforcement, except one person who works in new york city. all these were experts, and all of them were agreeing that these were terrorist acts, and all of them agreed except for one who was holding judgment. robert gates was asked whether he thought this was a terrorist act and he declined to comment saying we need to get all the facts first, but what he did do was announce an internal review of far-reaching pentagon review to find out if there were lapses in procedures here that need to be fixed to make sure something like this never happens again. >> we do not enter this process with any preconceived notions. however, it is prudent to determine immediately whether
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there are internal weaknesses or procedural shortcomings in the department that could make us vulnerable in the future, so it's going to happen is a 45-day review begins immediately, toga west, the former army secretary will be in charge of that along with vern clark, former chief of naval operations and after, that a four to six-month review that goes much more in depth. bret: the obama decision to try suspected 9/11 planners in federal court is not going over well with much of the public. our latest dynamic survey indicates 52% of the respondents think a military tribunal is the right place for trial. just 40% favor civilian court. democrats are siding with the administration. republicans disagree. independents favor tribunals by 60 to 33%. so, can the suspects get a fair trial in federal court? national correspondent catherine herridge looks at some statements which could make that difficult.
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>> it was a friendly question from a senior democrat on the senate judiciary committee about the trial of the 9/11 suspects in federal rather than a military court. >> you believe that there is sufficient untainted evidence to obtain a con vibs to obtain a conviction is, that correct? >> that is correct. >> in an an interview with nbc, the president sounded equally confident about trying ka lead sheik mohammed of the attacks and convicting him. critics, including a former defense department official and j.a.g. officer say it will open the claim up that the jury pool was tainted. >> they will file a pretrial motion and say your honor, we respectfully move to dismiss the charges. the president himself and the attorney general, the top law enforcement officer of the united states has guaranteed a conviction. >> perhaps this is why in the
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staple interview in the same interview with nbc, the president backed off the slam dunk conviction claim. >> what i said was that people will not be offended if that's the outcome. i'm not pre-judging it. i won't be in the courtroom. that's the job of the prosecutors, judge and jury. >> and this exchange about the fallout from an acquittal raises other questions. >> are you concerned that a judge may say you have made an election, an election to try these terrorists as criminals and you are browned by that election? >> we have an ability to -- you cannot indefinitely detain somebody, but you certainly can detain somebody for lawful reasons. awhile holder's statement seemed design to calm fears that the 9/11 suspects would ever be free, critics say it undermines the administration's stated goal of showcasing the federal justice system if the system is not allowed to play out as
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it would in any other case. >> he had a big opportunity to put to rest a lot of these concerns and he didn't. >> in the same hearing, it appears the attorney general tipped his hand about his department's strategy for prosecuting khalid mohammed saying "we don't need his statements" the clearest signal that the justice department may exclude evidence from the trial which was gathered by the c.i.a. as part of its secret detention and interrogation program. bret. bret: thank you, catherine. the senate has confirmed judge david hamilton to the 7th circuit court of appeals and he become president obama's 8th judicial nominee to win nomination. a filibuster against hamilton was overcome tuesday. a federal judge has ruled that the government is liable for some of the flooding damage caused by hurricane katrina saying the u.s. army core of engineers was negligent? in maintaining a key navigational channel in new orleans t could open the flood greats for thousands of others to seek thousands in damages.
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>> in news around the world, israel is shaking off u.n. warnings and beginning construction on a new housing complex for jews in east jerusalem. president obama told fox that such moves make it harder for israelis to achieve peace with the palestinians. president obama is implying that new sanctions against iran may be coming soon. representatives will meet friday to discuss iran's rejection of a plan to outsource some of its enriched uranium. that action would have eased some concerned over iran's ability to produce a nuclear
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weapon. iran's president ahmadinejad said today better ties with the west would be possible if western nations changed what he called their aggressive and arrogant manner. a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a pakistani court today. at least 18 people died. the bomber was being searched by police officers at the court gate when he detonated his explosives, and two american service members were killed in a suicide bombing in southern afghanistan. it happened on the same day that the country's president began his new term under heavy international pressure. correspondent greg palkot reports. >> unprecedented security in defending another attack shut down kabul today as embattled president karzai was sworn into a second term in office, and secretary of state clinton and other foreign dignitaries in existence, karzai said everything the west wanted to hear. his first ap applause came when he promised to crack down
6:25 pm
on corruption that has plagued his administration. >> the ministers of afghanistan must possess integrity and be professionals serving the nation. >> when the white house decided whether to send more troops to afghanistan, his offer of afghan soldiers eventually taking over the fight was encouraging as well. >> we are determined that by the next five years, the afghan forces capable of taking the lead in ensuring security and stability across the country. >> in fact, diplomats seemed more hopeful today about karzai while still cautious, clinton gave the afghan president the benefit of the doubt about core corruption in the afghan troop handoff. >> it is a goal that he believes can be met. we want to assist him and the military and police leadership in afghanistan to move as quickly as they can. >> what do the afghans think of president karzai's
6:26 pm
inaugural address. for them, like a lot of people around the world, it is the economy, stupid, poverty and joblessness are a real concern. they want action. >> he should help the poor people of afghanistan. >> i don't have electricity. >> as doubts about karzai remain among the afghan people, secretary clinton ended her visit to kabul meeting with u.s. troops, and she hoped the afghan president will help her president with the afghan dhib rations. greg palkot, fox news. bret: the postal service issues a christmas ba humbug from the north pole and jesse jackson says an african lawmaker who voted against the house healthcare reform bill can't call himself a black man.
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>> and now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the rev reverend jesse jackson is criticizing congressman davis for voting against the healthcare reform bill, and jackson told members of the congressional black caucus, quote, we even have blacks voting against the healthcare bill. you can't vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man. davis is the only member of the c.b.c. to vote against the bill. he responded "one of the reasons that i like and admire
6:31 pm
reverend jesse jackson is that 21 years ago he inspired the idea that a black politician would not be judged simply as a black leader. the best way to honor rev and jackson's legacy is to decline to engage in an argument with him that begins an ends with race." california democrat maxine waters called the remarks, quote, vintage jesse jackson. a member of the professional progressive caucus says many fellow liberals want the president to fire two members of his economic team. the huffington reports peter defaz fazio accuses timothy geithner and larry summers of focusing on wall street at the expense of main street. defazio says the president is, quote, being failed by his economic team. we may have to sacrifice just two more jobs to get millions back for americans. late today, the white house voiced its support of
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geithner, saying he helped steer the economy back from the brink. and finally, children writing to santa claus in hopes of getting a replay from the north pole will apparently be out in the cold this season. for years, volunteers in the small alaska town of north pole have answered thousands of letters addressed to the man in red r well, the postal service is scrapping the program in the north pole citing privacy concerns and a case in maryland where a registered sex offender was identified as an operation santa volunteer. north pole mayor dug isaacson is upset his workers are now just hearing about the change, quote "it's grinch-like that the postal service never informed all the little elves before the fact." but the postal service isn't going totally grinch this year. letters will still be answered by santa's volunteers else where and the restrictions do not restrict private organizations with their own programs.
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our top story at bottom of the hour, senate democrats have scheduled a saturday night vote on whether to bring their healthcare reform bill to the floor for debate. one of the controversies playing out that could factor in to how the public accepts reform legislation has to do with breast cancer prevention, and how a government panel has stirred up acrimony and confusion. mike emanuel explains. >> weeks after the white house had a massive pink ribbon in front to promote breast cancer awareness month, the obama administration is backing away from cranker is test guidelines on mammograms out of concern it could undermine health care reform. >> do what you have always done. talk to your doctor, figure out your own health situation with your doctor, your family history. those are the really important ingredients. >> the recommendation released earlier this week made by a federally appointed task force is that women should not undergo routine mammograms until the age of 50. sebelius insists the u.s.
6:34 pm
preventive task force is an independent panel of doctors and scientists which makes recommendations but does not determine coverage or make policy. dr. bernadine healey, the first woman who head the national institutes of health, says the group has played a vital role as part of health reform. >> if you look at the health reform bills, especially all of them, they use the u.s. preventive task force as the voice, as the sole source of information on what preventive tests should be covered by the government as well as ultimately by private insurance that everybody will have to have, the essential package. >> crit critics of healthcare reform have jumped on the issue to suggest this is the first step toward the federal government rationing care as part of healthcare reform, and healey says it is worse than that. >> this is a sneaky kind of rationing of care, because the politicians don't stand up and say we're going to have to ration care because we don't want to spend this money. >> senate majority leader harry reid has tried to reassure women, a key
6:35 pm
political constituency, that convention and wellness are a priority in the senate bill. >> this is about mothers, sisters, wifes and daughters who can't get the proper testing they need. it is inexcusable that women should have to wait to get the screenings they need. >> the political sensitivity of trying to fix the system by reducing costs and one way of doing that is by trying to minute minimize proartsd procedures an tests. reducing mammograms appears to have been too sensitive. at the white house, mike emanuel, fox news. bret: the latest fox news poll shows president obama's approval rating at a new low. just 46% of those surveyed like the job he's doing now. an equal number do not. >> this was not a good day to travel by commercial air. a computer glitch at federal aviation administration caused widespread cancellations and delays for the second time in 15 months. senator charles schumer said the f.a.a. needs more resources an that the aviation
6:36 pm
system is, quote, in shambles. we are getting a look at the senate version of healthcare reform. we will tackle the pros and the cons. the fox all-stars break it all down when we come back. is clear clear ññ?y@?
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>> this reform plan deals with healthcare. it saves lives. it saves money, and it saves medicare. we're going to do a bill. we hope that we don't have to do it with democrats, but if we have to, we will. >> nothing has really changed in terms of the basic elements of this proposal. they have tried to figure out a way to wrench it into a budget window that somehow makes it look like it costs less, but at the end of the day, it actually costs more than the senate finance committee bill. >> well, we now have the senate bill, and the democrats' version is 2,078 pages long. this saturday they need 60
6:40 pm
votes to move it forward to the senate floor, so they will get past that hurdle and if they do, they can start debate on the bill after thanksgiving. as you look at the latest poll numbers, quinnipiack has a poll out about president obama's handling of healthcare. 53% disapprove. 41% approve. we're here with the panel, the breakdown of the senate bill, fred barnes of the weekly standard, a.b. stoddard of the hill and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. fred, what about this bill? >> well, if you are a government bureaucrat you would think they designed this bill just for me! that's what it does. it gives the government a lot more power and their panels or commissions or commissioners and so on. if you're a doctor or a patient, you're going to have less power. patients now will have less choice than you get when you go into starbucks to buy coffee. they're going to have very little choice. and then, there are up couple of other things.
6:41 pm
one of the tricks they have used, and it is transparent that they have used to make the bill look like it will reduce the deficit. bret, if you believe it is going to reduce the deficit, i've got a few things i'd like to sell you, and of course they took out the doctor's fix and that saved $220 billion, and then they have the taxing, and the so-called spending cuts which they may or may not actually cut go for ten years but the benefits only go for five years when you get. there the second ten years then it costs so much more, and that's pretty transparent, but the hard part, anything in this bill is going to be hard to change, because you're going to need 60 votes if you want to change the part about abortion or if you want to get rid of the public option, it is going to be hard and republicans are not going to help. they won't let it be improved because they think at the end of the day it will be awful, so why should we make it nicer so a few of the more moderate democrats will vote for it?
6:42 pm
they don't want to vote for it. bret: they move the spending to 2014 for when the program goes into effect but tax goes into effect in 2011. one of the things that senator reid has touted as being a good thing, on maje 9, they say -- on page 9, they say the plan in there would have premiums that were somewhat higher than the average premiums for the private plans in the exchanges. in other words, the public plan that's offered in this plan would cost more than the private plans. wasn't the purpose to drive down premium costs? >> there was actually a c.b.o. score saying on the house side that the republican plan might also do the same. i think it's important to know for senate democrats the most important thing to know is they got a good score from the congressional budget office. i just want to make a point that politically, timing, we all know on november 19, they
6:43 pm
would be nowhere without this score. they could not move. they could not get going. they're up against serious deadlines here and they want to get this done before 201o i do think in the end, that in order to get 60 democrats onboard, including senator byrd byrd who is in poor health, i think the public option will be weakened, and i think that's how they get everyone onboard. i don't know how that's going to happen -- bret: let me interrupt you. democrat ben nelson told us that he would join a filibuster of the bill once it gets to the floor if the abortion coverage is not changed. >> exactly, but he is willing to allow the public option to go forward hoping it might get pulled later. mary landrieu is hoping to proceed with a vote to proceed but she says the public option must go later, so this talk that we're now hearing in back rooms has to do with the two topics. i think the abortion restricks get tightened, much to the chagrin of the liberal left
6:44 pm
party and i think the public option gets release leased as well. bret: charles. >> this is an unbelievable bill, as fred indicates, because the numbers hand -- because the provisions that the c.b.o. looked at are so jiggered, even though c.b.o.'s numbers are real, it's about an unreal assumption. if you start with 2015, which is essentially where the benefits start, and gu into the future, every ten years you will have a plan that is not $800 billion t will be $1.5 trillion, which means except for the early years in which there are no ben benefits paid out and a lot of taxes paid in, you're going to have a huge net deficit which will probably be around half a trillion every decade. secondly, even if you had the revenue neutrality, which you won't, everybody assumes, well, that is going to help us economically. in fact, to achieve revenue
6:45 pm
neutrality, you have to increase taxes, and you're going to have to have spending cuts. those increases in taxes, in cuts and spending are now not salable in reduce the other deficits outside of healthcare, which going to amount to $9 trillion over the next decade, so you create a new entitlement, you support it with new taxes and spending cuts, which you cannot now use in reducing the outside. the other deficit, which are destroying thedom lar and the he federal budget -- destroying the dollar and the federal budget. bret: there are lidden taxes that we discovered in this thing, the botox tax that was left out of the negotiations in the senate finance committee is in this bill. there's the payroll tax that a lot of people are concerned about the economy. it's interesting that this stuff made it back into this bill. >> well, they have to find a way to pay for the bill, and so they put in -- to increase
6:46 pm
the medicare payroll tax, and to start finding new sources of revenue is a way for harry reid, the majority leader to get away from the taxes on these cadillac plans which labor unions oppose, and i think, as you look at a merging of a house and senate bill, you're going to see more of this new taxes on the wealthy and less of taxes on plans, because they really need to give labor something in this very tough year. >> if you forget these numbers, when you get into these healthcare plans like they have done in several states, the spending costs 2 or 3 more times more than they dreamed of. it happened with medicare and medicaid and everywhere. the c.b.o. numbers are really irrelevant and for harry reid to say they're saving medicare, it reminds me of remembering in vietnam, charles, you remember this, where the army explained they burned down the village and they said they had to destroy
6:47 pm
the village to save t he will destroy medicare. >> for always ways in which you can raise revenue, in the reid bill it's done with raising the payroll tax n the middle of a a recession with over 10% unemployment, exactly at a time when you want to encourage employment and lower the payroll tax is perverse. bret: we haven't talked about the state's opting out option and how that's all going to work, but we will, guarantee you. controversial new guidelines about breast cancer screening.
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>> talk to your doctor, figure out your own health situation with your doctor, your family history.
6:51 pm
those are the really important ingredients. >> this is how rationing began this is the little toe in the edge of the water. this is where you start getting a bure crat between you and your physician. and as we have gone through this healthcare debate over the past several months, this is what we have warned about. bret: what are they talking about there? the recommendation by a federally appointed task force that women should not undergo a ewe teen mammogram until the age of 50. well, the white house and specifically through the health and human services committee says this is an independent panel.
6:52 pm
there is an investigation into the killings at fort hood whether or not there were 700 incidents reported by the site of grants that were actually never provided to phantom congressional districts, and now they are just disowning recommendations that are so important to women on this very important topic, trying to urge in the middle of the healthcare reform debate that we not follow these new guidelines issued by our mishandle. it is true that the government panel doesn't include any breast cancer expertise, and perhaps should not have been making those recommendations, but it is very interesting moment for the obama administration to tie to distance itself from a government panel and those recommendations fearing that this will impact the health kay reform debate and will show people in 3-d just what a government takeover of their healthcare could actually look like. bret: which was the congresswoman's point about lifting the veil on these task
6:53 pm
forces. >> this is what sarah palin was talking about when she referred to death panels, panels that are unaccountable officials whose recommendations would be enforced by the government. this would have been f it wouldn't have been for the huge flap by patients and, doctors, you know, not just people at tea parties or anything like, that doctors at massachusetts general and so on, really, a significant part of the medical community that e belled at these, when you think of what would have happened, though, if the obama administration had gotten its way, no hearings in congress on the fort hood hearing, by the fort hood killing, the stimulus, the president exposed all this stuff. the press has done a good job busting all the phonely claims of jobs created by the stimulus, and of course this panel this would have become policy absent the huge adverse reaction to it in public. bret: i want to point out there are some normal doctors who go to the tea parties. charles. >> people are reacting as if
6:54 pm
we never had a panel or a recommendation before. years before, we had a rem dration from the panel like this, and we start at 4o every day the f.d.a. is deciding that a new drug is a good one or not and if it's not, you don't ever see t it is not as if these kinds of independent commissions don't exist and determine what we get and what we don't, so the issue here is not panels in general, recommendations in general, it is the recommendation in and of itself. bret: we had some doctors on the air today who said this is also about a woman who spends a month terrified when she gets a false positive. there is, you know, speaking for the task force recommendations, and what what's your thought on that? i read the paper and the report that came out of it, and it's recommendation is based not on the cost, the financial cost, but on the benefits, the next next
6:55 pm
benefits and a mammogram is inaccurate. one in ten tests returned as cancer are not, so you have a 10% false positive which causes not just anxiety and suffering, but new tests, more radiation, even a procedure and perhaps other harms, which could come, and the balance of this is how much of that is worth how many of the real cancers are caught, so when you have inexact tests and inexact screenings, you have to make a determination and decide how to balance them, and i think the report is a fairly good recommendation. it's not -- it's not aimed at saving money. it would, but that's not what the recommendations are braced on. bret: but do you think it is the start of rationing? >> absolutely. it is the way it will happen in the future. bret: but you're not opposed to it? >> listen, we ration all the time, as the f.d.a. does and in britain it is done by a medical commission and government imposition. here it happens all the time and what insurance will
6:56 pm
support and what it doesn't. it's not new. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a surprising induction into a certain hall of fame. . y!tyft juneck yno itft'sse sut'cu tyftef (ckicli
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. boss: y'know, geico opened its doors back in 1936
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and now we're insuring over 18 million drivers. gecko: quite impressive, yeah. boss: come a long way, that's for sure. and so have you since you started working here way back when.
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gecko: ah, i still have nightmares. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. bret: finally tonight, it's hard to believe but it's almost the christmas season. toy stores are getting ready and now news of a brand new inductee into the toy hall of fame. >> the national toy hall of fame in rochester, new york, recently inducted its latest class in their 11th annual ceremony. this year there were three inductees, the big wheel, i think that's a worthy honoree. the game boy which has done so much to advance the image of car noonish americans and the art of children not talking to their parents at dinner. but it was the third nominee that raised eyebrows. >> we had the big wheel, the game boy, the ball. >> ball? [ laughter ] >> ball? >> ball is just now getting into the toy hall of fame? and it's 11th ceremony. this cannot be right. let me see the press release. the bal


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